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We, the Broadway by the Sea team, have made it our mission to bring Broadway home to East Coast Canada and to empower local artists to flex their creative muscles both on and offstage.  With our collective resumes and extensive experience on Broadway, international tours and beyond, we offer contemporary musical theatre techniques for private and group coaching in addition to professional mentorship opportunities. Together, we have over 20 years of industry experience and give students and colleagues the rare opportunity to work with professionals from "both sides of the table". 

Our friendly personalities and no-nonsense approach to the "biz" allows our students to reach new heights in their performance abilities.​  Want to work with us? Shoot us a message.  We'd love to meet you.



  • Acting Through Song 

  • Monologue Coaching

  • Musical Scene Study

  • Song Interpretation

  • Professional Audition Prep

  • College Audition Prep

  • Pop/Rock Vocal Technique

  • Contemporary  MT Vocal Technique

  • Repertoire Coaching/Building

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